Steve leading a movement workshop at SUNY Oswego in 2018

Steve leading a movement workshop at SUNY Oswego in 2018

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Steve is a freelance directoraudition coach and teacher. He has staged productions on Governor's Island in New York City, at Gallery Players in Park Slope, Brooklyn, at the Workshop Theater in Midtown NYC, and at The Secret Theatre in Long Island City.  

Testimonial- "In my vast experience of having plays produced in festivals, Steve is by far the best director I've worked with. The production was hugely successful in large part because of Steve's graceful and highly capable directorial skills and compassion for the material.  His level of enthusiasm and expertise is of someone way beyond his years."  - Playwright Aaron Leventman of LIC One Act Finalist Blanche in a Wheelchair directed by Steve Mazzoccone

Testimonial- "Steve helped me work on my audition monologues for a graduate program I had applied for. He was extremely helpful! I love how he dives into the text, questions the actor about the actions, and how to find engaging ways to play them. He is truly an amazing director and helped me get into the graduate program of my dreams. I highly recommend him!" - Emily Coleman, Graduate Actor, CSU Long Beach. 

Testimonial- In February 2018, Steve and his partner, Megan went to their BA alma mater at SUNY OSWEGO to lead workshops for prospective working actors.

A participant named Ali said the experience allowed for an inside look at the industry from people who are working on the other side of the table at auditions. "They were so personable and you could actually feel how much they cared about us and wanted us to succeed in our careers. The way they ran the workshops was anything but intimidating.” Here's the whole story.

Testimonial - “If you want to take your craft to the next level (and book gigs!) Steve is one of the best coaches to get. His uncanny ability to deconstruct texts, lead constructive exercises, and get actors out of their damn heads puts them in the best possible position to convey truth. He guides you to a place of clarity and honesty with every scene or piece you work on. Whenever I have a major audition, or am struggling with a scene I book a session with Steve.” 

- Actor, Walker Snow Harrison